Monday, March 4, 2013

I know, I know

The last few weeks have been so busy.  Last week especially.  I planned 2 events, helped with 1, gave two talks, 2 public the time Saturday came and went, I was in bed by 8PM.  I am not usually in bed by then.  Which leads me to why part 2 of the office refinish isn't finished yet.

opps! no real before picture.  Don't mind the messy background.
So, last post I told you about my desk.  This post I will talk about the refinishing.  When my mother called me to ask me if I wanted the old credenza from my grandpa's old office, I was of course jumping and saying YES!!  So, now I had two furniture pieces for my office.
I found a couple tutorials on refinishing without sanding, because I didn't want to sand all of that surface area.     Now I can't for the life of me find the pin.  I was pretty sure I pinned it.  Isn't that always how it goes?
Anyway, a few of them recommended a product by Rustoleum, Furniture Transformations, I did the glazed charcoal.  It was fairly easy, the instructions spell it out for you.  You use the step one cleaning, step 2 the basecoat, step three the glaze, step 4 the sealer.  Everything but the brush come in the little kit.  You have to have it tinted at the store, so don't leave without doing that first.  I think I was a little confused on that one.  I did buy some cheap plastic cups to put the paint in for ease.

I realized the coverage for the product was off from the surfaces I had to paint, but not enough to purchase 2 @ $40 each.  Which, isn't bad to not have to sand.  I after stressing much deliberation.  I decided I could mod podge the paper onto the desk drawers and save me some paint, as, I mentioned before.  I was going to use wall paper somewhere in my original idea for the desk anyway.  That made it so I had enough paint for both projects.

I am pleased with the finished product.

Now, to show the whole office.  Just need to finish the curtains...

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